Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the full videos?
You will need to purchase one of our subscription options. Without a subscription you will only be able to view the preview clips.

How often are new videos released?
We release a new video every Friday.

What time are new videos posted?
New videos are usually posted about 9-10 AM U.S. Eastern Time.
(14:00-15:00 London | 22:00-23:00 Beijing / Hong Kong / Taipei | 23:00-24:00 Seoul / Tokyo)

Can I download the videos after becoming a subscriber?
Yes, all of our videos are available for download in H.264 (*.MP4) format.

I have seen full BLS videos posted and/or being sold elsewhere.
Do you have other distributors?

No! No other website or individual is authorized to resell and / or post our videos. Not one. Period. We would highly appreciate if you would contact us and let us know where you saw this occurring.

Can I contact the actors?
For most actors, the answer is no. We have a very strict policy of not providing contact information for our actors unless they have explicitly given an ok for interacting with fans.

Currently there are nine BLS actors with public Twitter accounts who are happy to hear from fans:

Eric Yeung: https://twitter.com/HKSpankee

Hector Palaiologos:

Jack Jie:

Jackson Ng
: https://twitter.com/SpJacksonNg1

Jonathan Li: https://twitter.com/hkspanking

Max Tanaka: https://twitter.com/maxtnkk

Michael Chen: https://twitter.com/Michael23568598

Peter Lam: https://twitter.com/spankeehk

Tom Chan: https://twitter.com/hkee88326809

Will BLS Oregon or BLS North release new videos in the future?
No. These two sub-studios ended production of new videos permanently in January 2020 (BLS Oregon) and January 2021 (BLS North).