BLS Oregon

Senior High

Total Running Time:
1 Hour 30 Minutes

This set features BLS Oregon’s final releases, including a special cross-over production with BLS owner Hector Palaiologos.

This set includes:
1. "Rocco & Martinet" w/ Rocco Harris & Jeremy
2. "Jock Punishment" w/ Ian Callahan & Jeremy
3. "Senior High" w/ Rocco Harris & Jeremy
4. "Senior High 2" w/ Ian Callahan & Jeremy

and with special appearance by Hector Palaiologos:
5. "States Visit" w/ Ian Callahan, Ashton Johnson, Jeremy & Hector Palaiologos
6. "Spanking Stories: Ian" w/ Ian Callahan & Hector Palaiologos
7. "Spanking Stories: Ashton" w/ Ashton Johnson & Hector Palaiologos