Football Discipline
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Lam & Ng
Coach Joshua and assistant coach Jason are carrying out a fitness training session for the football team following the team's defeat in a recent tournament. Their lousy performance has agitated Joshua, who decided the team needs more "training" other than doing push-ups.

Spanker: Joshua | Spankee: Jackson
Jackson is first up on the pitch to receive his punishment from Coach Joshua.

Spanker: Joshua | Spankee: Michael
Next up is Michael who has proven to be awful at communicating with his teammates on the field during matches. Coach Joshua ‘communicates’ the idea to improve with a hard dose of the cane.

Spanker: Joshua | Spankee: Eric
Third is Eric who has also proven to be awful at communicating with his teammates on the field during matches...

Spanker: Joshua | Spankee: Peter
Up next is Peter who also has communication issues with his teammates when on the pitch as well as low stamina stemming from poor physical training. Coach Joshua encourages him improve with the cane and paddle as well as a dose of bastinado.

Spanker: Joshua | Spankees: Jason & Peter
As the day comes to a close Coach Joshua isn’t quite finished yet with Peter, but his attention has largely turned to Assistant Coach Jason, who has been responsible for the team’s physical training with rather poor results. For this he is heavily strapped and caned; with some strokes going to Peter for good measure.