As world tension continues rise Hunter, Jose, Leon’s country has reintroduced conscription and the trio find themselves in the army. Just as conscription has made a comeback so too has the old practice of dedovshchina: the hazing, abuse and humiliation of conscripts by their seniors.

This is a special series produced by our partner BLS SEA.

Featuring the talents of:

August 2021 -> April 2022
Language: Tagalog

Spanker: Christian | Spankee: Hunter
Hunter has absolutely no shame as he wanks off to porn on his cousin Christian's bed. When Christian walks in he spanks the perverted boy. Soon though Christian finds himself getting horny by the sight of his cousin's red ass...

Spanker: Francisco | Spankee: Jose
Jose is on the receiving end of the cane from his superior Francisco. Francisco takes pleasure in punishing the young and fit Jose by hand and cane. The punishment then takes a twist into the perverse as Francisco orders Jose to masturbate while being caned.

Spanker: Francisco | Spankees: Hunter & Leon
Hunter was once caught masturbating in civilian life by his cousin not too long ago. He has the same bad luck in the army as Francisco walks in on him. Francisco takes the opportunity and to spank, belt and cane the perverted Hunter.

Later Francisco is perplexed when he first sees Leon: the country must be truly desperate if someone this out of shape was conscripted in to the army. Barely able to do pushups, Francisco takes Leon to task with his usual glee and perversion. 

Spanker: Francisco | Spankees: Hunter & Jose
Hunter and Jose are two very fit young men. However it would seem their exercise routine in civilian life never included pushups and sit-ups. With the army fitness test just day away Francisco spanks the two conscripts while also making them spank each other.

Spanker: Francisco | Spankees: Hunter & Jose
Francisco’s “fitness” punishment continues as he makes Hunter and Jose strip naked and whip each other with belts. The errant two conscripts are finished off with a dose of the cane and then a round of bastinado and spanking on their palms.