Class 6F

Chinese & English

Lam & Ng

At this boarding school in Asia, Class 6 is where the most errant boys of the Sixth Form are assigned to. As such, teachers and staff often apply harsh punishment whenever the students misbehave.

This series follows a usual school day for Class 6 students.

Spanker: Michael Chen Spankees: Jackson Ng, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
Jackson, Peter and Tom arrive at school where Michael Chen is inspecting uniforms. After a rather personal inspection, including underwear, Michael finds cause to punish all three boys with a strap.

Featuring: Jackson Ng, Jonathan Li, Michael Chen, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
Michael Chen continues to punish Jackson, Peter and Tom for their uniform violations in the office. Soon after, however, teacher Jonathan Li arrives carrying a class discipline report from the school, as well as a cane.

Spanker: Jackson Ng Spankees: Michael Chen & Tom Chan
When Michael and Tom spectacularly fail a surprise test, Jackson is given the task to punish them, taking the duo OTK by hand and ruler. Though it soon appears Tom was expecting to be punished and prepared ahead of time for it...

Spanker: Jackson Ng Spankees: Michael Chen, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
There is no rest for Jackson Ng as Peter Lam turns up late. Scoring even worse than Michael and Tom, Jackson takes Peter OTK for a dose of the hand and ruler, before finally turning his attention to all three of the errant boys with bad marks.

Featuring: Jackson Ng, Jonathan Li, Michael Chen, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
The boys have arrived for P.E. class but waste too much time playing around while changing into their P.E. uniforms. Jonathan Li soon after arrives with a slipper to motivate them.

Spankers: Jackson Ng & Tom Chan Spankees: Michael Chen & Peter Lam
Michael and Peter have cost the team the match. Jackson and Tom are pissed off, feeling they have have taken practice and training more seriously, and plan to have a word or two with their slacking teammates.