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Actor Recruitment

Growing. Expanding. And Always Spanking
We are always looking for the next bad boy or strict teacher to join our team!

Bottom Line Studios

For filming in Hong Kong and other locations in Asia

* This recruiting is for BLS only - not BLS North or BLS Oregon *

-18 to 29 years old (in general, young in appearance)
-Slim, average or muscular build
-Prior experience receiving corporal punishment recommended, but not an absolute
-Must be able to filmed with their face


-18 or older
-Must have prior experience giving corporal punishment in most cases
(unless something else to bring to the table such as strong acting ability)
-Must be able to filmed with their face


-Although the majority of our actors are Asian, we are quite happy to accept actors of any ethnicity that otherwise meet our requirements

International Spanking

If you are interested please contact us:

Attach several recent photos of yourself and answer the following questions:

1. How old are you?
2. What is your height and weight?

3. Which languages would you be comfortable and able to act in?
(We usually film in a mix of English, Cantonese and Mandarin)

4. Any prior acting or stage experience?

5. What prior experience (if any) do you have with corporal punishment as a spanker and/or spankee.
Be specific, for example:


6. Are there any specific kinds of corporal punishment stuff you like or want to try? (such as tools, positions, storyline themes, etc)

7. Anything you dislike or would not want to do