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Lasted Updated July 1st 2020

These are the most common questions and issues we receive.
If your question or issue is not answered among information below please contact us directly.

- E-mail -
E-mail is the best way to get in touch with us. We typically respond to most e-mails within 12 hours.

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We do not ignore e-mails. If you e-mail us and do not hear back within 24 hours, it is likely because:

1. Our reply is in your e-mail's spam folder (most likely)

2. Our reply was silently blocked by your e-mail provider (less likely, but has been known to occur)

If you think this is happening then sign up for a free G-Mail or Yahoo account and try again

Note: Since May 2019 our e-mails to customers using (UK) and (South Korea) are blocked due to censorship at these providers.
Even if you e-mail us first, our replies to you will be blocked. (And you won't receive any notification.)

- Twitter -
You can also contact us on Twitter. Our official account is @BLSStudios

About Us

What is Bottom Line Studios?
Bottom Line Studios is a subscription based adult video website with a focus on Asian male-male spanking & corporal punishment.
It was founded and is owned by Hector Palaiologos, who produces and directs most of the videos found here.

Do I need to be a subscriber? How can I see the full videos?
You will need to purchase one of our subscription options. The full videos are only available to subscribers. Without a subscription you will only be able to view to preview clips.

Can I download the videos after becoming a subscriber?
Yes, all of our videos are available for download in H.264 (*.MP4) format.

I have seen full BLS videos on other websites and/or being resold. Do you have other distributors?
No!,, and our backup site are the only authorized websites to sell or distribute our full videos. The people doing this are no better than thieves (and those reselling our videos are a very special kind of bottom-feeding scum) and their illegal actions only hurt the people who make BLS possible.

We would highly appreciate if you would contact us about anyone re-posting or reselling our full videos.

What are the site requirements?

BLS supports devices running up to date versions of:

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android or iOS
Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari or Opera

In short - if you can watch the preview clips without difficulty, there should be no problems viewing the full videos as a subscriber.

BLS, BLS North, BLS Oregon...?
BLS, BLS North and BLS Oregon collectively make up the BLS Network.
Originally one website, BLS North and BLS Oregon were split off from BLS in September 2018.

BLS ( ) is the website you are currently on. It is sometimes referred to as "BLS main" or simply "the main site".
It focuses on non-sexualized, realistic spanking and corporal punishment. Most videos on BLS are produced by Hector Palaiologos.
BLS is updated weekly on Fridays.

BLS North ( ) features exclusively videos produced by spanker Vincent Huang (also known as "Tianma", or the "Heavenly Horse"). These videos are a blend of spanking, humiliation, domination and BDSM with various Chinese cultural themes sprinkled in.
BLS North is updated every other Wednesday.

BLS & BLS North are currently joined together in one unified subscription.

BLS Oregon ( ) was a small American division of BLS, focusing on amateur spanking with local college boys.
As of January 2020 BLS Oregon is no longer producing new videos.

BLS Oregon video series are sold a-la-carte.

Accounts & Payment

Login Not Working

If you've just subscribed and can't login for the first time, you are most likely entering in your username and password incorrectly. Check the confirmation e-mail you received to verify your exact username and password.

Note that BLS usernames and passwords are case sensitive. That means there is a difference between an "E" and an "e" logging in.

If you are still unable to log in, please contact us directly for assistance.

Lost Username or Password
Use Verotel's password recovery page here or contact us directly.

Cancel Recurring Subscription
Use Verotel's cancellation page here or contact us directly.

Change Username or Password
We need to do this manually for you. Please contact us directly.

Change Credit / Debit Card on File for Subscription
1. First contact us directly and tell us your account username. We will initiate a special change request with Verotel (we must to do this step for you; it is not possible to do on your own)

2. Verotel will send an e-mail to you. In it will be a secure link

3. Follow the link to Verotel's website. You'll be presented with a page where you can update your card information on file

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