Woodshed Whoopings

Alex and David have been fooling around and talking to 'girls' on this new fangled service for computers called the internet. Fortunately the ever ready strap in the woodshed is ready bring old fashioned whoopings to errant behinds.

Featuring the talents of:

Released: April 2024
Language: English

Spanker: Coburn | Spankee: David
Mr. Coburn isn't amused that David is fooling around with girls on this BOL, AOL or whatever it's called, and would much rather see David out in the world meeting real people. Fortunately he has a very real tool of education - the leather strap - ready in the woodshed to swat David out and away from the computer screen.

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Alex
Hector drops by to see what's up and isn't amused to learn that Alex has been riding shotgun with David during his adventures on the internet. Alex's arse is soon on fire, but perhaps Hector isn't the only one curious to what is going on in the woodshed...

Spankers: Coburn & Hector | Spankees: Aiden, Alex & David
Aiden has been caught secretly watching the whoopings in the woodshed and soon finds himself on the receiving end of the strap from Hector. After hearing that David invited Aiden to "play video games", Coburn decides that all three boys need a firm reminder before concluding the business in the woodshed.