Uncle & Tutor
As an uncle, tutor or some combination thereof, Mr. Palaiologos educates Aiden Kim and Alex Jaeger.

Featuring the talents of:

June -> July 2021
Language: English

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Alex
Alex is staying with his Uncle Hector while his parents are away on vacation. When a bad report from school reaches Uncle Hector, Alex quickly finds himself on the receiving end of some traditional home discipline.

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Aiden
Mr. Palaiologos is tutoring Aiden Kim in chemistry. When it becomes clear Aiden hasn’t been studying or completing homework, he quickly finds himself on the receiving end of his tutor’s hands and tools.

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Aiden
It’s Friday afternoon and Aiden decides to start his weekend early instead of going back to school after lunch. His early weekend is short-lived, however, as Mr. Palaiologos quickly discovers Aiden is still at home and gives the truant boy a sound punishment.