Swim Troubles
The swim team has entered a big open water tournament and the school has rented a house near the sea for easier training. Alas some of the team members soon begin acting like they are on vacation and will need a stinging reminder or two!

Featuring the talents of:

October -> November 2022
Language: English

Featuring: Aiden, David, Diego & Marc
Team members Aiden, David and Marc along with team captain Diego are supposed to be practicing their swimming early in the morning. Instead the four of them decide to play video games and quickly begin betting money and more on the results.

Featuring: Aiden, Alex, David, Diego & Marc
The absence of Aiden, Diego, Jack and Marc has not gone unnoticed with the coach sending Alex to find his missing teammates – along with a nasty leather strap and full authority to use it.

Spankers: Diego & Hector | Spankees: Alex & Marc
Troubles continue at the swim training as Hector finds Marc drinking beer in the morning. Meanwhile Alex has ducked out of practice laps early. Captain Diego finds him in the shower and punishes him on the spot.

Spankers: Diego & Hector | Spankee: Aiden, Alex & Marc
Hector is just about finished punishing Marc when he observes Aiden pouring hot grease down the kitchen sink drain. Aiden’s ass is soon more than hot as he joins Marc for punishment. All the while Diego continues to punish Alex in the bathroom.