Sport vs Study 2
Chinese & English

The needs of school sports and academics come into conflict once again. Mr. Palaiologos is monitoring after school detention, while the swim team is wondering where their players are.

Spanker: Jonathan Li | Spankees: Jackson Ng & Tom Chan
Jackson Ng and Tom Chan are running late to swim practice due to being stuck in detention. Before the two can even get to the locker room they are intercepted by a strap wielding Jonathan Li, who has been sent by the coach to deal with the two boys.

Spanker: Jonathan Li
Spankees: Jackson Ng, Michael Chen, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
Just as Jonathan Li is finishing up with Jackson and Tom, Michael and Peter stroll up wondering why nobody is at the pool. Jonathan is not amused with now having to deal with two more late players. Jackson and Tom hope to make a quick exit, but that idea is quickly shot down.

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Tom Chan & Peter Lam
The detention that started it all with Jackson, Peter and Tom.

After getting sent to detention by their math teacher, the trio are worried about the time as swim practice is soon. After Mr. Palaiologos arrives to monitor the detention, Tom has the idea to ask if there is any quicker method of punishment...

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Jackson Ng, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
Tom's idea for a 'quick punishment', as oppose to sitting in detention, continues with Jackson Ng and the paddle. Mr. Palaiologos doesn't intend to finish off just with Jackson however...