Study Trip 2
Eric, Jackson, Michael and Peter are back in a continuation of the Study Trip series.

Featuring the talents of:

December 2021 -> January 2022
Language: Cantonese

Spankers: Jackson & Michael | Spankees: Eric & Peter
The group is due to meet with another school as part of the exchange tour. Eric and Peter however, are over an hour late when they spend too much time in the shower. Soon an instrument of bathing becomes their nightmare...

Spankers: Jackson & Michael | Spankees: Eric & Peter
Peter and Eric’s lateness has caused the meeting with the other school to be cancelled. Michael is furious having spent time and effort arranging the event. He decides the two errant boys deserve a sound thrashing with the cane.

Spanker: Jackson | Spankee: Michael
While going to take a bath Michael notices Jackson left his wallet in the bathroom and decides to "borrow" some money. Unfortunately for Michael he is quickly caught and receives a hard punishment with several brushes.