Sixth Form East
English & Chinese

Adrian, Mark, Michael, Peter and Tom try to stay one step ahead of their strict Headteacher Hector as well as Prefect Jonathan.

Spanker: Jonathan Li | Spankees: Adrian Lee & Peter Lam
Jonathan Li shows new students Adrian Lee & Peter Lam to their room and explains the rules. The boys don't stay out of trouble for too long, however, as Jonathan catches them looking at pornography - and gives them sound canings over trousers, underwear and bare buttocks.

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Adrian Lee, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
Dress down day becomes literal for Adrian, Peter and Tom as they run afoul of the school rules and their Headteacher. Strict punishments are dished out this day by tawse, cane and hand.

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Adrian Lee & Peter Lam
Arguing over who was blame for the fiasco in Episode 2 causes the boys to be late for their next class. This puts Adrian and Peter's demerits over the top. Now they must choose between taking a Saturday detention or a paddling.

Spankers: Hector Palaiologos & Jonathan Li
Spankees: Michael Chen & Tom Chan
Mr. Palaiologos and Jonathan Li take care of student discipline.

First we see Mr. Palaiologos go to the dormitory to wake up Tom (in more ways than one), after the boy skipped detention in Episode 3. Later Michael Chen shows up to school out of uniform and receives a hard caning from class Discipline Monitor Jonathan Li.

Spankers & Spankees: Adrian Lee, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
When teachers are away boys will play.

Adrian Lee, Peter Lam and Tom Chan happen to come across Mr. Palaiologos' martinet. Soon they begin to take turns betting spanks and licks.

Spanker: Jonathan Li | Spankees: Adrian Lee, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
The boys sure didn't bet on Jonathan Li walking in on their strip and spank game in and now they're paying up as Jonathan dishes out a hard thrashing with the cane to each boy.

Spanker: Jonathan Li
Spankees: Adrian Lee, Mark Ying, Peter Lam & Tom Chan
It's straight, classic punishment with the paddle and cane for four errant boys, as Jonathan Li is left in charge of afternoon discipline.

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankee: Jonathan Li
Thinking he can relex with a smoke after his work, Prefect Jonathan Li quickly finds out he is no exception to the rules.

Spankers: Peter Lam & Tom Chan | Spankee: Adrian Lee
A lighthearted parody of "Russian style" corporal punishment video featuring Adrian Lee, Peter Lam and Tom Chan.