Spanking Art 2

Strict art teacher Hunter Hu is back alongside student Mickey Zhu. Teacher Hu will not tolerate misbehavior and has no qualms about punishing Mickey in all sorts of painful and humiliating ways.

Featuring the talents of:

January -> February 2020
Language: Chinese

1 of 3: Playing & Playing
Spanker: Hunter Hu | Spankee: Mickey
Mickey Zhu is once again playing on his phone when he should be working on his art assignments. Even after being punished Mickey is still defiant though, going back on his phone to masturbate to porn as soon as Teacher Hu leaves the room...

2 of 3: Thief Punished
Spanker: Hunter Hu | Spankee: Mickey
Mickey Zhu tries to "borrow" some money to go off and play computer games when he should be studying. Teacher Hu soundly spanks him by hand, metal ruler and belt.

3 of 3: Pure Punishment
Spanker: Hunter Hu | Spankee: Mickey
No storylines or themes in the final clip of Spanking Art 2. Here showcased is just pure hard punishment for Mickey Zhu.