Cadets need to have respect for their officers. When that does not occur a hard dose of discipline is required.

Featuring the talents of:

Released: November 2023 - March 2024
Language: English

Spankers: Aiden & Hector | Spankee: David
Cadet David Beatty thought it would be funny when he decided to throw water balloons at the newly commissioned Ensign Aiden Kim. The phrase 'assaulting an officer' never entered his mind. After narrowly escaping dismissal from the academy, the cadet finds himself on the receiving end of some painful 'balloon busting' from Ensign Kim and Commander Palaiologos.

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Aiden
Sub-Lieutenant Diego Anderson wasn't amused when he saw Cadet David Beatty throwing water balloons at Ensign Aiden Kim. He was even less amused to see the hapless Ensign Kim do nothing about it. Thus Lt. Anderson decides the newly commissioned ensign needs a lesson in how to react and stand up for himself.

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Diego
After disciplining Ensign Kim, Lt. Anderson remembers a session in the very same office when he was a cadet.