Principal's Office

Down south it's Friday punishment parade in front of the high school Principal's office! Principal Coburn waits inside, ready to dish out discipline to these errant students.

Featuring the talents of:

Released: February 2020 -> April 2020
Language: English

1 of 4: Monitor
Spanker: Coburn | Spankees: Jonathan & Michael
It is the responsibility of a bus monitor to ensure that young children get on and off the school bus and safely cross the street. When bus monitors Michael Chen and Jonathan Li fail to show up one morning, they are summoned to the Principal's office.

2 of 4: Firewall
Spanker: Coburn | Spankees: Jackson & Tom
Jackson Ng and Tom Chan are next up into the Principal's office. Jackson has been caught hacking the school's firewall trying to play computer games, while Tom has the more mundane offense of arriving late too many times to school.

3 of 4: Truant Duo
Spanker: Coburn | Spankees: Jeffrey & Peter
The duo of Peter Lam and newcomer Jeffrey Cheng have been caught cutting class, and are the final two into the Principal's office.

4 of 4: Corridor
Spanker: Tom | Spankees: Jackson & Peter
The traditional American school CP trio of paddle, jeans and corridor is on display in this final video; going outside of the Principal's Office we take a look at modern day school punishment in the United States.