Kitchen Preview
Aiden's parents have left him in charge of the their inn and restaurant. The results of his mismanagement have been losses of thousands of dollars a month. Restaurant experts Diego and Jackson have been contracted to rescue it...

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April -> June 2023
Language: English

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Eric
Diego and Jackson have been contracted to rescue the Casa Montana, a small inn and restaurant in the mountains of Appalachia. Arriving early and unannounced to see how things really are, the duo first try the Casa's allegedly homemade food prepared by Head Chef Eric...

Spanker: Jackson | Spankee: Alex
Diego and Jackson hoped to have their terrible lunch redeemed by a drink or two. When that hope is dashed Jackson decides to serve up a cocktail of his own creation to "mixologist" Alex as Diego, Eric and Jacob look on.

Spanker: Jackson | Spankee: Jacob
After checking into a room and finding it no better than the Casa's food, Jackson takes Jacob the half-waiter half-housekeeper to task.

Spankers: Jackson, Diego | Spankees: Alex, Eric & Jacob
Coburn and Hector have gone to the Casa for lunch and the result is about as well as you probably expected. As Jackson finishes up with Jacob, Diego arrives with more fresh meat for the BBQ of smacked butts.

Spankers: Jackson, Diego | Spankees: Aiden, Alex, Eric & Jacob
The Casa has many problems that start from the top. After a damning review of lunch from Coburn and Hector, Diego and Jackson take hapless Manager Aiden to task while his staff look on.