Fall Term
Instead of the usual running laps or sport, Coach Riley French decides one day to let his gym class go to the beach near the school and pick up rubbish. This sets off a domino effect of discipline…

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October 2021 -> January 2022
Language: English

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Carlos
After students under his supervision wander off during the rubbish pickup at the beach, Prefect Carlos Summers finds himself being held responsible by Coach Riley French as Friday morning punishment begins.

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Aiden
Aiden did not want to pick up trash on the beach, so Coach Riley thrashes his bottom instead as Friday morning punishment continues.

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Max
The third in the trio of boys arrives in the form of a defiant and disrespectful Max. Coach Riley has none of though as he puts Max through the hardest punishment of the morning, even tying the errant boy’s hands behind his back and stuffing his mouth with a towel.

Spanker: Riley | Spankees: Aiden, Carlos & Max
After having punished Carlos, Aiden and Max individually, Coach French gives the errant trio a final send off together.

Spanker: Carlos | Spankees: Aiden & Max
Prefect Carlos Summers hasn’t forgotten the punishment he received from Coach French when Aiden and Max wandered off from beach clean up. With dormitory inspections coming up Carlos all too is keen for payback…

Spanker: Hector | Spankees: Aiden & Max
After failing Prefect Summer’s dormitory inspection, Aiden and Max find themselves receiving a formal punishment in the office from the Headmaster’s strap.

Spanker: Hector | Spankees: Carlos & Max
Prefect Summers’ playing of the PSP he confiscated during dorm inspections has not gone unnoticed. Arriving to the office as Max’s punishment concludes, the errant Prefect will soon feel sting of the strap and holed paddle on his naked bottom.

Spanker: Hector | Spankees: Aiden, Carlos & Max
After having punish Aiden, Carlos, and Max individually, Mr. Palaiologos gives the errant trio a final send off together with the lexan paddle!