Dorm Booze
Spring term has begun - and so to have inspections of student dormitories. Prefect Diego is on the look out for any and all contraband...

Featuring the talents of:

February -> March 2023
Language: English, Spanish

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Martin
Prefect Diego has arrived to inspect Erik and Martin's dorm room. His first stop is Martin's bedroom, where a quick inspection reveals the new student has a fondness for beer...

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Erik
Diego has completed his inspection of Martin and Erik's doom room. Erik though is still in the shower and Diego is in no mood to wait until the errant boy comes out.

Featuring: Diego, Erik & Martin
Instead of throwing away their contraband beer Martin and Erik decide to drink it while bitching about Diego. To the errant pair's misfortune however, the prefect has not gone very far. The two earn another round of punishment - this time including from a leather paddle and being forced to spank each other while Diego looks on.

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Erik
Diego is not amused when he finds a pair of Erik's underwear hanging on the handle of the dormitory door. Diego is forced to dish out yet another spanking and paddling to the incredibly thick headed Erik.