Detention Hall

New teacher Mr. Jason Quek is assigned to take care of detention hall. Awaiting him are Adrian Lee, Peter Lam and Tom Chan.

Featuring the talents of:

Released: September 2019 -> October 2019
Language: English, Cantonese

1 of 3: Tom
Spankers: Hector & Jason | Spankees: Jackson & Tom
It's already been bad day for Tom and Jackson as they find themselves in detention with Adrian and Peter, having been tawsed earlier by Mr. Palaiologos. Detention will be a bit different today, however, as new teacher Mr. Jason Quek has been assigned to the detention hall...

2 of 3: Peter
Spankers: Hector & Jason | Spankee: Peter
Detention Hall continues as the ever late Peter Lam is soundly tawsed, strapped and caned.

3 of 3: Adrian
Spankers: Hector & Jason | Spankee: Tom
As the sun goes down, detention hall is coming to an end - with the last being a wake up call for the ever sleepy Adrian Lee!