Dorm Discipline 2

As second round of discipline in the dormitory begins when Alvin decides to sit on on bedroom bully Tom's bed while Peter and Jack look on. Tom is hardly amused when he returns and forces the trio to play a punishment game. All this while the boys should be in evening self-study class...

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November 2019 -> December 2019
Language: English, Chinese

1 of 4: Bully
Spankers: Michael & Tom | Spankees: Alvin, Jack & Peter
Tom isn't amused when he finds Alvin sitting on his bed in the dormitory with Peter and Jack doing nothing about it. As Tom forces the trio to play a punishment game, their absence from self-study class has not gone unnoticed...

2 of 4: Room Punish
Spanker: Michael | Spankees: Alvin, Jack, Peter & Tom
Michael Chen has arrived to find out why the boys are missing from evening self-study class. After having punished Tom, he quickly turns his eye (and hand!) on the rest of the room.

3 of 4: Smoke & Spank
Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Michael
After dealing with the missing students, Michael Chen decides to take a smoke break before heading back to class. Unfortunately for the errant Prefect, Mr. Palaiologos has now come looking for him.

4 of 4: Night Action
Spanker: Hector | Spankees: Michael, Peter & Tom
Mr. Palaiologos drops by the dormitories in the evening to follow up Peter and Tom's write ups from earlier in the day. He also finds Michael Chen off duty when he should be on...