Released: 2022.11
Duration: 36:00
Language: English

The college has received numerous complaints of copyrighted content being downloaded over the dormitory wifi network. Dormitory supervisor Diego has been charged to deal with the digital delinquents.

Featuring: Diego & Eric
Diego finds the first culprit: Erik. Without hesitation he throws the errant boy over the knee to start a sound lesson in copyright law.

Featuring: Diego, Eric & Fernando
Fernando arrives to the awkward sight of Erik in the corner with a red ass. Fernando soon gets his own lesson in copyright law from Diego while Erik's inability to keep his eyes on the wall cause him to earn further punishment.

Featuring: Fernando & Marc
Last term Fernando was punished when the school received complaints of illegal downloads of copyrighted content over the dormitory wifi. Having figured out the actual culprit was Marc – Fernando has been forced wait until the spring term for his revenge...