Cadet Caning
The cadets and their officers have been given a training ship to hone their skills. What could possibly go wrong as they set sail?

Featuring the talents of:

Released: July -> September 2023
Language: English

Spankers: Diego & Riley | Spankees: Aiden & Eric
Not even one day of training has passed when pilots Aiden and Eric take their low level flying fetish out to sea and buzz over the deck of the ship. Back on land Lt. Riley and Sub-Lt. Diego must deal with the two buzz boys.

Spankers: Diego & Riley | Spankees: Aiden & Eric
Aiden and Eric's punishment continues. It's just about over when Eric decides to shove past Diego for his clothes...

Spankers: Coburn & Hector | Spankee: Riley
After an almost hilariously incompetent first mission ends in the ship scraping the ocean floor, Lt. Riley is called to task by Commander Hector and Commodore Coburn.

Spankers: Coburn & Hector | Spankee: Jackson
His performance on the training cruise being less than stellar, first officer Sub-Lt. Jackson is next to be called to task.

Spankers: Coburn & Hector | Spankee: Diego
Sub-Lt. Diego is the last of the training cruise senior staff to be called to task.

Spankers: Diego, Jackson & Riley | Spankees: Alex & Jacob
Officers on the bridge of ships rely on information coming in to make decisions. The information supplied by Cadets Alex and Jacob from the ship's lookout was anything but. Following the chain of command, Coburn and Hector have left the discipline of the two errant cadets to Riley, Diego and Jackson.