Academy Discipline
At the Navy Academy young men are taught to become future leaders. Yet one might be forgiven for mistaking the cadets here for high school boys given all the antics they get into. With fleet deployment only a month a way it is no time for their officers to go lax on disciplineā€¦

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December 2022 -> February 2023
Language: English

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Aiden
Navy cadets Aiden, Alex and Marc have received a terrible evaluation report. Lt. Riley French is tasked with making sure this is the last such report that reaches his desk. Fortunately he has his own trio of disciplinary tools to help him in this task as he begins with Aiden: the hand, martinet and paddle.

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Alex & Marc
Discipline continues in the office as Lt. Riley French deals with Alex and Marc.

Spanker: Riley | Spankee: Diego
Lt. Riley French now must deal with the terrible trio's supervisor: Sub-Lieutenant Diego Anderson. Lt. French does not share Sub-Lieutenant Diego's optimistic appraisal of the situation and gives him a lesson in leadership of his own.

Spanker: Hector | Spankee: Alex
Alex is back home from the academy between terms. Hector isn't amused when Alex begins neglecting the rules of the house and is even less amused when Alex doesn't show up to a scheduled presentation at their church's youth groupā€¦

Spanker: Diego | Spankee: Erik
Erik has been sexting Diego's sister. Diego though is home on leave and by chance has a look at his sister's phone. Diego wastes no confronting the perverted Erik and soundly punishes him.

Spankers: Coburn, Diego, Hector & Riley | Spankee: Alex
Cadet David Beatty has racked up an impressive amount of demerits in the short span of one month. He now finds himself before a disciplinary board of Lt. French, Commander Palaiologos and Commodore Coburn.

Spankers: Diego & Hector | Spankees: Aiden, Marc & Riley
Cadets Aiden, Alex and Marc are still struggling with poor times for running. Lt. Diego is having none of it this time and decides to punish them on the spot. When Lt. Riley comes across the scene he remembers an outdoor punishment of his own during his time as a cadet from Commander Palaiologos.

Spankers: Diego & Coburn | Spankee: Aiden, Alex & Marc
Lt. Diego concludes the punishment of the three cadets with Alex. However, the sounds of the paddle have grabbed the attention of Commodore Coburn...