First Assignment
Clips 多少個視頻
動画の数 | 동영상 수
Duration 影片长度
収録時間 | 재생 시간
Joshua Ho is fresh out of school and into his first teaching assignment. How will the young newcomer fare against errant sixth form students Jackson, Peter and Tom?

Spankees 被動 | 叩かれる人 | 스팽키
Spanker 主動
叩く人 | 스팽커

Spanker: Joshua Ho | Spankee: Peter Lam
Peter Lam has been caught again smoking in school. Last time he was strapped by Cdre. Coburn, but this time the Commodore is not landside. With Mr. Palaiologos also absent, it falls on new teacher Joshua Ho to handle Peter's education.

Although he may be fresh out of teaching school, Joshua Ho is no stranger to discipline, having spent time learning education techniques of the the Korean school system...

Spanker: Joshua Ho | Spankees: Tom Chan, Jackson Ng & Peter Lam
Tom and Jackson are waiting in the hallway to write a makeup exam. Instead of getting ready for the exam, the duo decide to throw paper airplanes instead... all while teacher Joshoa Ho is just a few meters away from them. More than just paper planes will be flying...

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