Cdre. Coburn
Role 角色: Spanker 主動
Debut 出道: November 2019 | 2019年11月
Hello. I play Commodore (Cdre.) Coburn on BLS, a role and site that I thoroughly enjoy. The Commodore and I have a lot in common. I grew up near the sea and love being in water as a swimmer or on water in a canoe, kayak, or boat.

The title connotes an earlier time when discipline in naval schools and vessels was much more strict than today. In the U.S. Navy, the title has a history of being used interchangeably with that of rear admiral, and I have always been an admirer of good round rears.

Please send us any suggestions or scenario ideas and we might chart a course in that direction!

你好。我在BLS裏面扮演Commodore( Cdre.) Coburn,這是一個我非常喜歡的角色和位置。我與 Commodore 有很多共同點。我從小在海洋旁邊長大. 我喜歡游泳,爬獨木舟,皮划艇或帆船。

標題中”Commodore”回顧起較早時期。當時,海軍學校和軍艦的行為紀律比今天嚴格得多。在美國海軍中, “Commodore”和“ Rear Admiral”可以互換使用 (中文:"海軍少將")。還有我一直是豐腴屁股的愛慕者! (英文裏”rear”也可以有屁股的意思。)



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